For Executives and Leaders: One-on-One Coaching

Coaching is a safe place where people can fully be themselves and through conversation, discover new ways to achieve their desired outcomes.

Are you getting everything you want in your professional life?

We discover what you really want that you don’t already have – or are afraid to choose.  Then, I keep you on track to get it!

Coaching begins with inward exploration and then expands to include direct reports, team, and the entire organization.

As a leader, how does your behavior affect those around you?  Highly effective teams have leaders who model self-aware and responsible behavior.  

Learn how you can lead your team – and your organization – to stellar growth.

Coaching, Coaching certification
Certified Coach

ICF Coaching Federation Certification

Coaching is an unregulated field.  Many people hang out a shingle and call themselves a coach.  I take my profession seriously, and treat my clients with care.

I believe having a coaching certification from an internationally accredited organization gives people comfort – and signifies the level of study I’ve undertaken to hone my craft.

Stephen Kotev, photographed 6 September 2020, in Stevensville, MD.
Every Great Leader Has Strengths, and Weaknesses

When you don’t allow the full processing of emotions, you deny people their humanity.

Here’s a bit of what coaching includes:

Understand Your Background

We first dive into what you want, and how you got to where you are now.

Acknowledge Your Strengths

As an accomplished professional, we evaluate the amazing strengths you bring to the table.

How Do You Handle ‘Crisis’ Situations?

The hard situations are what show us our true strengths and weaknesses. We take an unflinching look.

How Do You Communicate?

Communication is at the base of everything you do in the workplace.

What’s Happening in Your Body?

As a practitioner dedicated to embodiment and somatics, we’ll explore what your body is telling you - and what you can learn from it.

Physical Exercises

We get ‘practical’ in our exercises - and out of your head.

Coaching, Coaching certification
Leaders Often Feel Alone

Being accompanied, by an objective outsider and professional

One of the most valuable characteristics of a coach is someone who can truly understand your situation and accompany you through the hard times – and celebrate when you reach milestones

Elite athletes understand there is nothing like a good coach to understand your strengths – and your limits – and help you achieve your objectives.

An objective outsider is someone who can enhance your perspective surrounding a situation – and assist you in making the best choices for yourself

Ready to Get Where You Want to Go?

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