Conflict Coaching

A Unique and Powerful Tool

Understand the Causes of Conflict

Conflict Coaching is a one-on-one process, in which a trained coach assists you to develop an understanding of the causes of the conflict, strategic options for change and the skills and strategy necessary to enact that change.

Fortune 500 companies to government agencies use Conflict Coaching to improve performance, cultivate teamwork, develop leaders, and promote morale.

Conflict Coaching is a powerful tool to help you improve relationships, deal with difficult problems and advance your career. Feel free to contact me for more information about Conflict Coaching and how it can help you overcome the most challenging of situations.

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Inspire Trust in your Leadership

Conflict Coaching allows leaders to confidently handle nearly any situation

Conflict Coaching helps you build skills and strategies to:

Constructively Resolve Conflict

Conflict coaching is a set of skills used to engage in, manage, and productively resolve conflict.

Work Through Difficult Situations

Leaders are often not skilled in handling tricky situations - with a variety of expectations and viewpoints.

Strategically manage organizational change

Organizational change inevitably raises tensions and often leads to conflict. Conflict coaching helps you anticipate and meet needs.

Early Intervention

Conflict Coaching helps leaders identify potential problems early on, so that more options and alternatives are available.

Develop Options

In conflict situations, participants often get fixated on a particular strategy to meet needs. Conflict coaching enables leaders to be creative.

Confidently Engage

In the workplace, conflict is often avoided as it festers and eventually escalates. Conflict coaching allows leaders to feel comfortable addressing sticky situations.

Conflict Coaching Works

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