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Three Decades of Experience and Expertise

Conflict Resolution Services

I’ve spent my professional life focused on Conflict Analysis, Management, and Resolution.

I will work with you to deconstruct the core causes and structure of your conflict, including the macro and micro factors that are contributing to the problem.  Armed with this knowledge, we can formulate a plan for managing the conflict by dealing directly with its source.

Understand the root cause

Address Conflict Holistically

Some conflicts can be entirely resolved, while others can only be managed.  Knowing the difference is the key to success and will prevent you from wasting energy and resources pursuing unproductive or ineffective solutions.

Conflict Resolution is Practical

Some laypeople mistakenly believe that ‘Conflict Resolution’ is simply about emotions and ‘feeling good.

Conflict Resolution entails a scientific process that is at the cornerstone of good decision-making and management.

True Conflict Resolution starts with understanding the underlying cause – which is often different than what we initially presume.  We waste time when we try to correct the symptoms of the conflict and miss the underlying issue.

After developing a thorough understanding of the conflict through conflict analysis, we will create a comprehensive response that addresses both the big picture and the fine details, to enable you to move forward and overcome the challenges created by the conflict.

Over 225 workplace disputes mediated

I’ve worked with both private companies and 16 government agencies – both alone and in teams

I’ve been honored to practice my craft in a variety of settings, and also teach about conflict resolution – both in the U.S. and internationally.

New Approaches to Old Problems

I include my study of embodiment and somatics in my practice of Conflict Analysis, Management, and Resolution. 

Conflict shows up in our bodies. We react viscerally when there is tension in settings.  We know it’s happening physically often before even our conscious awareness.  And in high-stress situations, our fight-or-flight response gets triggered.

I stay attuned to how clients in conflict situations are holding their bodies, what’s likely happening below the surface, and help embed practices to diffuse difficult situations.   

#1 School in the U.S. for conflict resolution and mediation

Over 15 years of teaching and training on Conflict Resolution.

Since 2006, I have served as an Adjunct Professor for the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University.

I have taught courses, as well as led weeklong seminars for students and professionals.  I’ve also been part of inter-institutional collaborations.

Coaching clients, company clients, organizations, students, workshop participants and others share kind words.

Clients Say Great Things

Due to the sensitive nature of the type of coaching and other work I do,  some names have been redacted.


How Do I Stay Safe?

As someone who has spent decades in the field of Conflict Resolution, the primary advice I had been given about safety was ‘to sit by the door.’ This felt insufficient to me – especially after I read an article about a mediator being fatally harmed after a settlement conference. 

In 2014, I initiated and chaired a Taskforce on Safety in ADR through the Association for Conflict Resolution. Susan Yates, Marya Kolman, Judge Stephanie Domitrovich, Corey Schlegel and I along with advisors from the FBI Crisis Negotiation team set forth to address this gap in the field. 

What was created is ‘a list of ingredients’ that you can use to customize your own ‘recipe’ tailored to your individual practice. 

It tries to account for tendencies and trends collated from Safety and Security professionals and also acknowledges that the mindset of those professionals are often much more pessimistic and can be completely contradictory from how we would approach those same individuals as Conflict Resolvers.  

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