In Memorial – Frank Sander founding voice of modern Alternative Dispute Resolution

In late February, Frank Sander, Harvard Law School professor and founding voice of modern legal Alternative Dispute Resolution died at age 90. I had the pleasure of working with Frank during my time at the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution. Frank was the Chair of the Section’s Dispute Resolution Magazine and I was its Managing Editor.  Frank was a true gentlemen and scholar. His wise counsel was a joy to behold and a pleasure to experience. Frank had a depth of knowledge about the law and dispute resolution that few could rival. His presentation to the the Pound Conference in 1976 was the ‘big bang’ moment for the modernization of Alternative Dispute Resolution within the practice of law. Countless lawyers heard the call and began utilizing mediation and negotiation to resolve litigated disputes. Numerous court-connected programs were inspired by Frank’s vision that soon rippled throughout the country that allowed so many in our nation to experience the practicality and value of ADR.

I regret that I lost touch with Frank and am thankful for the warm memories and good will that I still carry for him almost a decade after we last spoke. Rest in peace my friend and thank you for all you have given to us.

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