As the stresses of life surround us, becoming the calm in the midst of the storm is our objective

Based upon soma, the Greek word for “the body,” somatic skills focus on developing the physical skills necessary to manage more effectively the physiological stress experienced during conflict situations.

Conflict is a common experience of our daily lives. Conflict situations often evoke a myriad of negative emotions such as fear, anger, distrust, sadness and jealousy.   These strong negative emotions are just as much physical as mental and are part of the Fight-or-Flight response.

The Fight-or-Flight response is preparation for running and escaping or fighting and surviving. The problem is that the Fight-or-Flight response limits you to fighting or fleeing.  There are no shades of gray and no creative thinking about solutions to the conflict. No longer are you able to see the whole picture. Your breathing and heart rate rapidly increase. Your hands tremble as adrenaline shoots through your body. Your blood pressure rises. You sweat, becoming hot or cold and clammy.

Your primitive brain takes control, and you are definitely not at your best. Logic, reason, creativity and empathy are all sacrificed to adrenaline. Your ability to negotiate and improvise is lost until you can bring your physiology under control.

The body awareness and self-regulation skills I teach are mostly derived from the Japanese martial art of Aikido and from Being In Movement© mindbody education, and they will help you overcome the flight or fight physiology and perform to your potential by focusing your breath, posture and vision.

I have taught hundreds of people the body awareness skills that enable them to operate effectively in high-pressure situations and I can teach the same skills to you. With regular practice, you too can master these skills and take your performance to the next level.

To learn more listen here to my interview my master embodiment trainer Mark Walsh on the Embodiment Podcast:


And view this webinar:

Or to listen a two-part interview conducted by Pattie Porter, the Texas Conflict Coach, as we discuss the practice and foundations of somatic skills.

Part One – Foundations:


Part Two – Practice:

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