The Day After…The Election: How To Talk Politics or Not With Friends, Family And Coworkers – Download or Streaming now available

So Trump won. Now what?

Here are some tips for how to handle this conversation with others:

  1. Be a good winner/loser – do it with grace and respect
  2. Don’t take it personally
  3. Dig deeper – listen and then listen again.
  4. Cite and check your and their sources
  5. Keep it in perspective – remember why you are talking to them and why that’s important – or not
  6. Embrace your country and love thy neighbor

We live in a great country. The United States of America. United we stand. Let us pause and reflect. What has happened? What did we miss? Do we really understand those that we disagree with.

Let us commit to doing better, not giving up on each other, and learning from our mistakes. It’s our only way forward.



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