What our Celebrations Miss about the Biden/Harris Victory

Biden victory

To my fellow White folks who are celebrating Biden’s victory.

I am so happy and relieved that Trump is out and Biden will be our next President.

I have been studying conflict resolution for decades and I constantly seeking to identify what is the true source of any conflict I examine.

Trump manipulated the racist system that pervades our country.

We Americans have spent so much energy on so many different ‘solutions’ to addressing structural racism that we have missed the most obvious.

What happens in our bodies.

When Amy Cooper called the police after a black man asked her to leash her dog in Central Park – her response wasn’t purely logical or rational.

Her fear was subconscious and deep in her bones.

Until we deal with racism at this level. We are just taking a break between what we just voted out of office and those that seek to immediately re-elect Trump.

White folks need to talk to other White folks and come to our own terms with this system.

If you don’t understand this or want to know more.

Take at listen to this interview: https://onbeing.org/programs/resmaa-menakem-notice-the-rage-notice-the-silence/?fbclid=IwAR2TYVgG8by-EdYRQcho8fu9eETsYSFFVm08Yp0dIG0krbXzlHPSSe2wmz0

I believe that doing the work of somatic abolitionism is a remedy much more potent than what any election will bring.

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