Leadership can be learned - and can be fun!

Great leaders address conflict learn and grow lead by example

My mission is to serve others using the entirety of my skills, abilities and talents.


Began Martial Arts training

Began mediating after being the youngest person trained at the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center

Started study of Embodied Peacemaking with Dr. Paul Linden

Began Training on Conflict Resolution

Started own Coaching and Consulting Practice

Completed Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program

Sought after coach, trainer and mediator for insight and innovative ways of tackling difficult disputes

Even Babies Know

Our Emotions Live In Our Bodies

One of my core tools in working with leaders is helping them identify the messages their bodies give them. We have a hard-wired brain-body connection. Our fight or flight response is triggered when we perceive conflict. This is why using the practices of embodiment and somatics can lead to such profound changes so quickly. If we can connect with our bodies - like small children - we can quickly identify what's happening to us, and then train ourselves to react in the ways we choose.

Stephen Kotev

Professional Coach

Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University.

International Coaching Federation certified coach.


Masters Degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses at George Mason University’s Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, as well as speak at numerous conferences and symposia each year.

Me and my mom on our birthdays

Celebrating together in Ohio for mom's 75th

Competed in regional IBJJF tournament

Sharing the podium in third place


My wife, daughter, son and I

Guinness Brewery, Dublin, Ireland

Learning how to properly pour a pint

My Core Belief

"Conflict opens up who we are and gets to the heart of pain and fear. It is an opportunity for growth."

I believe that learning about conflict – within ourselves and within groups – is the crux of leadership. If you can master that, then everything else falls into place.