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Training to Fit Your Needs

I’ve given training locally, worldwide and online for companies, government agencies, groups of practitioners, and laypeople who want to understand how to address conflict in the workplace.

I offer a wide variety of interactive and experiential training in conflict resolution and somatic skills.

Let’s talk about what would be best for you! Below you can download a sample list of training topics that I’ve done.

Conflict Doesn’t Go Away on Its Own

Get Your Team Ready to Handle It

Training can be proactive.

Training can also be a way to get to know each other – and explore deeper engagement.

Versatile Trainer

Need online training? Five-day international workshop? Anything in between?

In conjunction with the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, I’ve conducted training in alternative dispute resolution to government and private sector lawyers at the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Qatar Foundation, and Qatar University in the State of Qatar and the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department in the United Arab Emirates. 

I’ve also taught mediation, negotiation, and somatic skills at the 12th Annual Intercultural Negotiation and Mediation Institute in Berlin, Germany.

I’ve done workshops for companies who were in transition, such as after an acquisition, on things to look for in their teams.  Often small conflicts can grow into larger crises and prevent integration.

And I’ve given webinars for a variety of groups, such as a recent webinar for conflict resolution professionals on how to include embodiment principles into their work.

Regardless of what you need, we can find a solution.

All Training is Customized

Before conducting any training, we’ll talk about your organization so I can learn more about your team and what they need

While there are certain topics and themes that come up again and again, each organization is different.  We’ll talk about your organization in advance of the training so that I can customize it to be as relevant and impactful as possible.

We learn best when we actively participate.  My trainings are interactive and experiential to get participants out of their chairs and moving their bodies.

We Have Fun

Conflict seems like a heavy topic, but it’s a natural part of our lives.

In spite of the subject matter – or maybe because of it – we have fun during trainings. I take the opportunity to laugh at myself, and our collective human foibles.

For Professionals and Practitioners

I can add a fresh perspective to any group, whether you’ve been in the conflict field for a while or are just starting out.

Combining expertise in conflict analysis, management, and resolution with my deep background in somatics and embodiment, I enjoy sharing how our BODIES influence how we experience and react to conflict.  When we understand what our own bodies do, we can start to recognize it in others, and address high tension situations from multiple angles.

Participants love the material

Client Testimonials

Due to the sensitive nature of the type of coaching and other work I do,  some names have been redacted.

Sample Training Topics

Want Some Ideas for Your Group?

I customize all trainings, but click here to download a sample list of training topics. I look forward to speaking with you about what I can teach your organization.

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